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India Overseas is located in Ludhiana, Punjab – India, economists and bicycle industrialists worldwide have named it, “The bicycle capital” of South East Asia and quite possibly the world. The World Bank in 2009 had rated Ludhiana as Asia's largest hub for bicycle manufacturing and produces more than 50% of India's bicycle consumption of more than 10 million each year. Furthermore The World Bank went on identifying Ludhiana as one of the top cities in India with a great business environment.

India Overseas was founded by the Kotecha family, which holds many business interests worldwide largely focusing on Bicycles. A humble Gujarati family which operates truly worldwide and has understood the growing importance for bicycles in emerging continents such as Africa, South America and South East Asia. Thus the Group has always committed themselves to catering the International Market through their strong and influential distribution channels globally.
It was only inevitable that the “” brand be incorporated in Ludhiana and to be exposed to the progressive and innovative center of bicycle manufacturing. India Overseas established itself in the early 1990's with an objective of catering the needs of quality conscious buyers in the International Market. Largely focusing on the manufacturing and development of the highest standard of bicycle components and bicycles the group gradually with time expanded into various other industries such as Hardware and Sundries and Agricultural Products. Acknowledged by the India government, Sawan India Overseas is has been identified as one of the most consistent “EXPORT HOUSES” in their industry.

The group embarked on a remarkable backward integration strategy where by now manufactures most of its larger bicycle components, naming a few: Rims, Handlebars, Mudguards, Hub Axles, Saddles, and Pedals. With a sprawling 50,000 square feet state of the art manufacturing facility which only consists of high tech atomized machinery such as in-house, Polishing Units, BCP plants and a well equipped laboratory for quality maintenance and research and development purposes.

Bearing in mind the Groups mission and vision “” products confirm to the highest international standards, and as a result pay meticulous attention to quality. In recent events the group has shown great promise of expansion, diversification, and created new opportunities for sustainable Jobs and Careers within the group, with the soon operating plant in Jamnagar, Gujarat – India which has been constructed over 175,000 square feet. The group has identified the need to provide safe and hygienic homes to their body of staff, thus this new plant will now also provide internal townships next to their manufacturing facility to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for workers to go back home to.


Our vision at India Overseas is to be a leading provider of customer value through our products and services. We aspire to be one of the most valuable companies to shareholders, staff, customers, and the communities where we work and are present.


It is the mission of India Overseas to commit ourselves in the progression of our development, manufacturing, and service of products we provide through constant proficiency and synergy. It is our duty to provide our customers with the highest quality of bicycle components and bicycles bearing in mind we manufacture for the common man.
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